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Bicycle Information

Bicycle reference information is required.  We need the bicycle manufacturer, make, model, and if possible, manufacture year to provide accurate information in return.  Pictures are also helpful, but please do not send high resolution / large files!


Technicians typically cannot troubleshoot a bike by phone or email.  We will ask questions and may even request you send photos and/or other reference material before we look at your bike.  We do this to save everyone time and effort.  Please schedule a service visit with us BEFORE bringing your bike to the shop!  


National eBike only stocks certified batteries for the bikes we sell.  We do not have facilities to repair batteries – we cannot repair old or damaged batteries at our location.  We may be able to order a replacement battery if enough information can be provided.

Bikes Purchased Online

NOTE:  We only stock parts and supplies for the models we sell.  We do not stock parts or batteries for bikes that are typically found online (Amazon, eBay, Marketplace, etc.).  We may be able to locate and order parts for your bike if you can provide the information for us to inquire with our suppliers.

Response Time

Messages are typically replied to within 24 hours.  Depending on how busy the shop is, responses could be delayed (up to 72 hours).  Our team members do their best to reply to messages as quickly as possible.  Thank you in advance for understanding any delay ;-)

Contact Daytona Beach

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