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A properly maintained bicycle will provide years of enjoyment and exercise.  Take a few minutes each week to extend the life of your investment and save money over team with less frequent (and less expensive) trips to the National Bike Repair Shop for service!




FYI: New brakes often have minor “squeaks” during their 50-100 mile break-in period!



Finish Line Dry Lubricant (or similar product). 

  • Apply lubricant to chain, sprocket, cassette, derailleur, and related hardware.
  • Do not apply lubricant to brake rotors, electrical components, lights, or leather/rubber surfaces.
  • Apply monthly (minimum), more if commuting or frequent riding.
  • Always re-lubricate following rain and/or beach riding!


Avoid using water. If water must be used (or rain) towel dry and apply lubricant.

  • Use a soft paint brush (or soft towel) to remove excess sand and dirt.
  • Clean after each use with a waterless clean/shine (or similar product).
  • Avoid disc rotors – contaminants on pads/rotors make them squeak


Only use the original charger that was provided with your bike.

  • Not all chargers are the same and using the wrong charger could be dangerous.
  • An incompatible charger could damage your battery, the charger, and/or the user.

Do not leave the battery fully charged or on a low charge for extended periods.

  • Keeping a battery fully charged all the time will lower its lifespan.
  • Leaving on low or no charge may cause your cells to go into “sleep mode” (unable to charge).

Avoid extreme temperatures.

  • During a charging cycle the battery should be in a dry environment.
  • Warmer than freezing and not hotter than 110 degrees Fahrenheit (70 is ideal).

Always plug the charger into the bike before plugging into an outlet.

  • When charging is complete unplug from the wall, and then unplug from the bike.
  • Lithium-Ion batteries will last longer with regular use and charging.

Charge when the display shows below 50%.

Avoid topping-off or running the battery empty.

  • If you occasionally top-off (or run out) that’s ok – just do not make the norm!

Do not leave your battery on the charger longer than necessary to charge.

  • Overcharging could reduce the life of the battery and/or cause permanent damage.
  • We recommend using a timer as a reminder to take the battery off the charger.

Store the battery at 50% charge for prolonged periods.

  • You should charge your battery at least once per month.



Keep tires properly inflated for the best ride/wear/longevity.

  • Check tires for minimum / maximum pressure limits (PSI).
  • Keep tires within 10% of the MAX PSI to extend the tire life.
  • Check your pressure weekly or prior to each ride.

Never exceed the maximum pressure stated on the tire.

  • DO NOT EXCEED 50 PSI even if your tire’s “maximum PSI” is higher. 
  • Going above 50 PSI will stress the tube and may cause damage.