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Stainless Steel – No Rust

Industry Best 10-Year Warranty


EBC Model R

$3,153.00         Build-Out

$249.00           Factory Freight

$3,402.00       Factory Build + Freight


$803.00          Discount


$2,499.00       YOUR PRICE


EBC Model R  ($2,099)

Suspension Fork

24″ Silver Double Wall Rims

24” x 3” Black Rhino Tires

24″Low-Profile Fenders

MIK™  Rear Rack  ($139)

Basil Rear Trunk Bag  ($179)

Cruiser Style Handlebars

Black Trim, Seat, & Leather Grips

EBC Suspension Post ($99)

7-Speed Drive Train ($89)

Thumb Throttle

Technology Package Upgrade  ($399)

Torque Sensor Upgrade  ($149)

Ant-Theft Alarm Upgrade  ($129 FREE)


EBC Model R.   EBC bikes include rust resistant hardware, superior paint, sealed bearings, and high-quality components.  This is especially important for our area considering how close we are to the coast.  It isn’t just riding on the beach.  The salt content in the air throughout our area is tough on all outside recreation equipment.  The custom beach cruisers are built in their Newport Beach, California factory.  The company’s processes allow them to cherry-pick materials and accessories from suppliers around the world.  This affords their team of bike specialists time to focus on building each bike.  Electric bike experts, engineers, designers, and customer service associates are housed in the main factory.  This group is right above the production, painting, packing, testing, and inspection teams. This arrangement provides quality control at every stage of the process, ensuring every e-cruiser meets rigorous EBC standards.